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End-to-end home charger installation for 19M US home owners

We're on a mission to make electric vehicle (EV) charging more accessible, seamless, and convenient for homeowners. We partner with  car manufacturers, dealerships, charger manufacturers and electrical contractors to provide turnkey solutions for EV owners.
Installation by Licensed Professionals

Get high quality installation by local Ohm-certified electricians

Top-Rated Charging Products Selection

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Maximize Savings with Rebate Support

Receive custom report of applicable rebates and incentives

How it Works

Take 4 easy steps to  seamlessly grow your revenue and provide better customer service
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Submit your application in 2 minutes to join Ohm's growing installer network.
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Review & Onboarding

Our team will review your application and we'll guide you through the onboarding process.
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Order Requests

Receive order details and requests for pricing (RFPs). Submit your bid.
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If selected, we’ll connect you EV owner. Complete installation efficiently with our support.

Why partner with us?

Expanded Reach and Increased Revenue

The demand for home EV charging installations is on the rise. We partner with car dealerships to provide end-to-end EV charger services at the point of sale. As an Ohm partner, you will gain access to a growing market of 19 million EV owners seeking reliable installation services. and have a steady stream of installation projects.

Streamlined Process

Eliminate time-consuming processes through our integrated solution, and focus on your core competencies. Receive standardized order details upfront, easily bid and win orders. Seamlessly connect with customers through our platform, making the installation process efficient and hassle-free.

Full Support

We're committed to supporting our partners every step of the way, from guidelines to training and beyond. Receive ongoing support and resources to ensure successful installations and customer satisfaction.

Tech-Enablement and Improved Installer Experience

Leverage our technology and partnership base to provide a turnkey solution and better customer service for your existing customer base. Use our platform to order EV chargers with ease, and  generate custom rebates and incentives report for homeowners in minutes.


What our customers say about us

Arman T.
We love working with Ohm. Their platform is straightforward, and we get all the info we need upfront. It saves us time and helps us serve customers better.
Arthur P.
Ohm is a time-saver. It handles the paperwork and coordination, allowing us to focus on installations. It's been a big boost to our business.
Michael F.
Working with Ohm has significantly boosted my installation orders. Their platform connects me with more projects, streamlines the process, and ensures timely payments.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Ohm Installer program.
What are the requirements to become a partner with Ohm Charging?

To become a partner with Ohm Charging, you need to meet the following criteria.

Quality: Commitment to delivering high-quality installations and excellent customer service.

Reliability: Consistent and timely completion of projects.

Licensing: Valid electrical contractor licenses and insurance coverage.

Maintain clear communication with Ohm and customers.

What does the installer's scope include when working on a project?
The installer's responsibilities encompass the following:

Permits: Ensuring all required permits or approvals from local authorities are obtained before starting the installation.

Materials and Tools: Providing all necessary tools, equipment, and materials for the installation, including wiring, conduit, fixtures, connectors, and mounting hardware. High-quality materials should be used. The EV charger itself will be supplied by either Ohm or the customer.

Installation: Securely installing the charging station, including proper mounting and cable management.
Testing: Conducting tests to ensure the charging station functions correctly, verifying the operation of features like smart charging and safety mechanisms.

Inspection: Managing the inspection process with local authorities.

Documentation: Preparing and submitting a comprehensive installation report, including photographs and necessary notes, as per Ohm Charging's reporting requirements.
What are the contract terms when working with Ohm Charging?
When you partner with Ohm Charging, you enter into a non-binding agreement. This means that you are not obligated to accept every order that comes your way. Ohm Charging will provide you with order details and an invitation to bid on projects. It's entirely your choice whether to bid on a project or not. We believe in giving our partners the freedom to choose the projects that align with their capacity and preferences, ensuring a flexible and mutually beneficial partnership.
How does Ohm acquire customers?
Ohm has a strategic partnership network with car dealerships. We offer a seamless home charging solution, which includes hardware, installation, and rebates report, right at the point of sale when customers purchase electric vehicles (EVs) from our dealership partners. This ensures that customers have easy access to our services, simplifying their transition to EV ownership.
How do contractors receive payment for their services?
Contractors are compensated by Ohm Charging based on pre-agreed rates, which include all relevant taxes and fees. After a successful inspection and once Ohm Charging has received payment from the customer, contractors will be paid within several days. Contractors can submit invoices to Ohm Charging, outlining the services provided, materials utilized (if applicable), and associated expenses. Invoices should be submitted at agreed-upon milestones or intervals as per our mutual understanding.
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