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Make home EV Charging a breeze for your customers
Generate a fresh revenue channel while providing a seamless, turnkey customer experience

Full Service Home EV Charging

Integrate home charging in your checkout process

Upfront Pricing

Ohm can provide instant, fixed, and competitive installation pricing for home charging, with various chargers to select as well as many payment or financing choices for your customers

Empower Your Customers

Home charging can create apprehension for potential EV owners concerned about unexpected installation expenses. Ohm dispels these doubts, simplifying the EV acquisition journey.

Trusted Local Experts

At Ohm, our installers are more than electricians; they're specialists in home electrification. We stand by you through every phase of the customer journey, from EV charging installation and beyond.

Our Commitment

Why work with Ohm?

We pride ourselves on our installations, valuing both customers and partners. We offer a seamless end-to-end service at the point of sale and directly online. Our dedicated Ohm team coordinates each installation, ensuring a flawless experience.

Advanced Technology

Point-of-Sale Integration

Ohm's advanced order engine and APIs deliver instant, guaranteed pricing for home EV installations. Our quick survey offers results in seconds. Our POS web integrations and rebates engine simplify the checkout and incentive process, while our knowledge center serves as a hub for comprehensive EV education for sales managers

Our Impact

Sustainability and the Environment

Beyond our dedication to seamless installations, we're deeply committed to environmental stewardship. As part of our climate pledges, we offset our emissions by planting trees, aiming to collaboratively drive forward the fight against climate change and champion the transition to clean energy

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